Bailey and Chelsea love visiting Rainbow Doggie Daycare.
We can always tell that they have had a wonderful time, and are very happy.
Although we take very good care of our dogs, we can’t help but notice that every time we pick them up they look healthier than when we dropped them off….Because of this, we are now calling Rainbow Doggie Daycare, the “Puppy Spa”
We have also noticed that both of our dogs seems to love the name TRACY… We finally feel that we can be at ease leaving our dogs in the very capable and loving hands of Cathy and Tracy.
Mark and Christine Brown

We left our two labs here for an extended stay this summer and they were in great shape when we picked them. We are so happy to finally find a place we feel happy and comfortable leaving our dogs. Thanks for the great care. Our dogs will be back! Chris and Christine

WOW…two great people with a “feel at home” dog care. I can’t say enough about this daycare. Our dachsund and two yorkies loved it here, and can’t wait to go back. They came back home like they’d never been away. Great job girls! We will definitely be back. Kim and Christine

Data (Dayta) loves it at Doggie Day Care. I recommend it to anyone. His ears perk up and eyes get bright when I say..Cathy or Tracy. He loves them.
As I approach Doggie Day Care at least five minutes before the corner he starts to make sounds from the back seat in the car and of course stands up.
He knows when we are getting close to the house.
Data gets to run and play with the other dogs as well as see Cathy and Tracy. I like this much better than closed in kennels. It seems more natural to me. Home away from home.
Thanks ladies. Debbie

My humans just picked me up from Rainbow Doggie Daycare and I miss Cathy and Tracy already. I got lots of snuggling, and I read lots of great books while I was there. And I have discovered that I even enjoy helping with the laundry. Life is sweet at Rainbow and I hope my humans will let me go back there for another holiday sometime. By Alex(the dog)

Let me start by saying that I am very protective of my beloved 9 month old Jack Russell named “Spike”. We have been together 24/7 since my husband and I brought him home as a puppy. Having tried a local kennel for one overnight stay and it being a less that favorable experience for myself and Spike, I was very apprehensive about giving kennels another try. I came across the Rainbow Doggie Daycare site while searching for other alternatives and after reading every testimonial contacted them and made arrangements for a visit. Shortly after, Spike went to stay with them, in their home, for a week and a half. During this time, neither Tracy or Cathy laughed at me when I would call to check up on him. When I arrived to pick Spike up, I couldn’t believe how happy he was. He finally got to socialize with new canine and human friends, something not available due to my rural location. I also noticed some improvement in his behaviour, which is very much appreciated, ladies!!!

Spike is not nervous when I say “let’s go in the truck” which happened after his first kennel experience. I strongly recommend Rainbow Doggie Daycare to anyone who truly love their four legged children. I know that Spike will be making regular visits and I can leave him there knowing that he is in friendly, loving, capable hands. Thankyou to Tracy and Cathy and anyone else who interacted with Spike during his stay…that means that dogs and cats too!!! Donna and Rod Easton

When we first walked into Cathy and Tracy’s house we were instantly put at ease with their very warm and relaxed welcome. Our dogs, Licks and Jackie were thrilled by all of the attention and were absolutely glowing with happiness when we picked them up three days later. For the first time ever my heart was at peace knowing that our dogs were in a loving, caring home rather than a “kennel.” In fact, we were so thrilled that we booked our vacation flight from Ottawa to England rather than from Toronto (our home airport) just so the dogs could stay at Rainbow Doggie Daycare! Tracy and Cathy are truly a rare treasure and any pet under their care is a lucky one.

Our dog, Rudy, is a Baussie (Border Collie/Aussie mix),very selective pup. He loves to play, work and kiss – all of which he finds in abundance at Tracy and Cathy’s Doggie DayCare. We’ve always hated leaving our dogs at other kennels, knowing they would be crated for most of the day. At the Rainbow Doggie DayCare we know Rudy is doing what he loves best – all day long! And sleeping soundly all night long. Leaving him with Cathy and Tracy is never a problem; picking him up is always a joy – he usually falls asleep on the way home, with a huge grin on his face. Two paws up for the Rainbow DC – we love it, Rudy can’t wait!
Joe & Zwanny